Pregnant Pre-Conception Care Tips

Pregnant Pre-Conception Care Tips – Getting pregnant and having a healthy baby isn’t just about sex! Research? shows that everything you do in the three or four months before trying to conceive can be as important as the sex itself. What you eat, drink, breathe, do as a job, how stressed you are it all matters not just to your fertility but also to the health of your baby to be.

Pregnant Pre-Conception Care Tips

Pregnant Pre-Conception Care Tips

The egg and sperm released at conception are the products of your own and your partner’s diet and lifestyle and researchers now believe that these factors prior to conception are just as significant to the health of your future baby as they are during pregnancy. If you are undernourished there is even the terrifying possibility that your baby could well become ‘programmed’ at conception to have a higher risk of future health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Which is why! always recommend a three-month period of pre-conception care. Pregnant Pre-Conception Care Tips
Most pre-conception care is straightforward DIY diet and lifestyle measures to get you and your partner as healthy as possible before you try for a baby. Remember this isn’t just to boost fertility, itis also because the healthier you are before you get pregnant or start fertility treatment, the better your chances of having a healthy pregnancy, easier delivery and a healthy baby.

Why Three month

Most women are born with about 2 million egg follicles: by puberty there are about 750,000, and by the age of around 45, as few as 10,000 may be left. So although you cannot change the number of eggs you have, you can change their guality and this is the crucial point. By improving the guality of your eggs, you are increasing your chances of conceiving naturally and also preventing a miscarriage. If you are going for an assisted conception technigue, like IUI, IVF or ICSI, you will also want your eggs to be as healthy as possible so as to give the technigue the best chance. With a national average Success rate for IVF of just 25 per cent, it is important to do whatever you can. Pregnant Pre-Conception Care Tips
With men, it also takes at least three months for anew batch of sperm cells to mature, ready to be ejaculated. Men produce sperm all their lives so it is always possible not only to improve the guality but also the guantity with lifestyle and nutritional changes.

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